Licensing and Annual Maintenance Agreement


DataBridge, DataBridge2, DataWeb

Last updated:

Tuesday May 24, 2005

NOTE: DataBridge2 user can refer to the EULA located on their install CD in the ‘users guide.pdf’ file.
When the software was installed, you agreed to the following terms


In order to guarantee timely support and continued innovation, our products are offered with an attached annual license and maintenance agreement. For a nominal yearly fee, you will have access to our software, technical support and upgrades as they become available. This fee is used to produce upgrades to our software products, and to offer support services to our clients in a timely fashion.

Licensing and Support Terms

As with all software, your license grants you limited usage of the software on a single workstation. Our software is typically licensed in 1-year increments. Ownership of the software is retained by Precision Micrographics & Imaging, Inc. Software support includes over-the-phone support during normal business hours, excluding national holidays, and year round e-mail support. We can assist you in searching for documents, answer technical questions about the software, and offer solutions to error message encountered. Complementary on-site support is limited to clients within a one hundred mile radius of our technical support center. The determination to dispatch a technician is completely at the discretion of the Precision Micrographics upper management. DataBridge must be installed by a Precision Micrographics technician. DataBridge2 can be installed with assistance over the phone. Some clients request that we retain a copy of their data disks for off-site storage. If you should have a problem with our software and have arranged for us to keep a copy of your data, you can request a document via fax during normal business hours. In most cases, this service is provided free of charge.


Renewal notices will be sent out no less than fifteen business days before the end of your software maintenance contract. In the case of DataBridge2, you will be issued a new registration code upon renewal. It is the clients responsibility to keep PM&I apprised of changes in billing, contact or address information.

Failure to Renew

Should you fail to renew your maintenance and licensing agreement, your ability to use the software and request support will be terminated. This does not prevent you from accessing your documents. This simply eliminates your ability to search and view documents using our software. Each compact disk is made up of folders, images and an index file. It is possible to read the index and retrieve the documents manually. This process is obviously much faster when aided by our software, but non-renewal does not excluded from accessing your documents. If you have arrangements for us to keep your data off-site, you may request documents via fax at the rate of fifty dollars per file requested.

If you have any questions about these terms please give us a call at 512-832-6602 or send an e-mail to