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What is Microfilming?

Microfilming is the process of using high resolution, high contrast film to capture documents. Microfilming is not just roll film; it also includes microfiche, jacketed microfilm and aperture cards. The reduced size also makes duplicating and distributing a large volume of documents simple and cost effective. Combine that with its excellent archival properties and you begin to understand why microfilm is an excellent way to manage your documents



What are the benefits of Microfilming?

Guaranteed file integrity

Microfilmed documents are preserved just as they were filmed without the possibility of lost or misfiled pages. The nature of the media prevents editing of the documents after the fact. This is why microfilm documents are admissible in court.

Saves storage space

Typically microfilm will reduce your storage requirements by at least a factor of ten on letter-sized documents. The storage benefits are even greater for engineering drawings, newsprint, and blueprints!

Preserves documents for a lifetime

Silver Halide film archives in excess of one hundred years, providing an excellent way significantly extend the life of paper documents. No other medium is as capable as Microfilm for long term storage, and retrieval.

Cost effective for volume distribution of documents

Microfilm lets you duplicate thousands of your documents for a fraction of the cost of paper duplication. The reduced size and weight of microfilm keeps your shipping costs to a minimum.

Documents are stored in a human readable form

Unlike digital imaging, microfilm is also technology independent. Documents stored on film a hundred years ago are still readable today. CD-ROM's have an uncharted shelf life, which some studies have shown to be as short as 5 years. That’s why most government agencies choose to archive their records by microfilming.

Microfilm Closeup

Microfilm on a light table without magnification.

High resolution storage

Microfilm is not dependent on resolution-based sampling to store your documents. Information is stored at an almost infinite resolution in a fraction of the space. A digital image of similar quality would take up an enormous amount of disk space. Don't just store part of your document, microfilm it.

We do it better


PMI has been helping people manage and archive their records with microfilm for over 25 years. We maintain the highest standards for our work. Methylene blue testing is performed on every roll of film we develop to ensure that your documents will be preserved and protected. As a member of the Kodak Info Guard program, samples are sent off on a weekly basis to Kodak for testing to ensure that our customers receive a product of exceptional quality.

"Precision has microfilmed everything from general correspondence to records that are of historical value to the State of Texas. Precision takes great pride in their work. The work they do for this agency is accurate, complete, flawless, and delivered when promised."- Texas General Land Office

We can film almost any document imaginable

  • Invoices
  • Multi-colored sheets
  • Medical Records
  • Engineering drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Newsprint
  • Bound books
  • Cracked or brittle documents

And return it as roll, jacketed microfilm, microfiche, or aperture cards.

We also offer film-scanning services where your microfilmed originals can be scanned into digital images giving you the best of both worlds; archival longevity and instant retrieval!

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If you have any questions about this process, or would like to discuss your document management needs, please call us at 1-800-275-3150 or send an email to



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